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Support NGOs doing crucial work on the ground with a donation:

Doctors without Borders are carrying out the biggest campaigns on COVID-19 and are still operating in the camps on the Aegean Islands.
Med´EqualiTeam are the only medical NGO providing free primary health care to the people living in the refugee camp on Samos. (They are also urgently looking for doctors and nurses who can stay 1 month or more to join their team.)
Movement On The Ground are active on Lesbos and Samos helping to improve the living conditions in the refugee camps. They are currently running an emergency food line in Moria and have been distributing soap to all residents in the camp on Samos.
Kitrinos Healthcare are offering medical services on Lesbos. They are in the process of formulating a strategy to prevent, manage and control the spread of C-19 in the camp.

Sign these petitions:

Europe Must Act Now for the immediate decongestion of the Aegean Islands.
#LeaveNoOneBehind: prevent the Corona catastrophe now – also at the external borders!

Join these actions:

Help Samos Volunteers in contacting Members of the European Parliament and demanding action.
Write your local politician at the Bundestag for the immediate evacuation of the Greek Islands. #LeaveNoOneBehind.
– Establish a campaign in your town or city with #CitiesMustAct and send a powerful message of citizen solidarity to governments and the EU.
– Even in times of Corona, your voice can be heard! Find an overview of different actions at Seebrücke, Cantwashmyhands and Helfen vom Sofa

And always stay informed:

For example with Are You Syrious? and their daily news updates from the field.

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