Why masks?

Because they can offer some protection to the men, women and children the EU refuses to protect!

Faced with the threat of COVID-19, guidelines from the European Union have emphasised the need to practice social distancing, follow strict hygiene measures and “cocoon” our old and medically vulnerable.

For the 42,000 men, women and children trapped in the camps of the Aegean Islands this is simply not possible!

Originally intended to house a total of 6,000 people, the camps are now severely overcrowded and lack adequate sanitary and medical facilities.

“The situation is comparable with what we see in war zones in other parts of the world. It is outrageous to see these conditions in Europe and to know that they are the result of deliberate political choices.” – DR. Christos Cristou International President MSF 

Many of those living in the camps have undermined immune systems and suffer from pre-existing health conditions, making them particularly vulnerable to an outbreak of COVID-19.
An outbreak of the virus will have devastating consequences for the residents of the camps, but also for the local Greek communities

The European Union must act now to prevent an unmitigated disaster and evacuate all camps on Greek Islands!

While the EU fails to protect its communities other protective measures have to be taken: Your face masks will be distributed to the refugees on the Greek Islands to offer them some protection against a possible COVID-19 outbreak.
While the Corona Virus is spreading around the world, face masks, including self-made ones, have proven to be successful in containing it.

Masks are effective at capturing droplets, which is a main transmission route of coronavirus.

In a refugee camp, where close contact cannot be avoided, a facemask minimizes the chance of the disease being passed on and can protect others. Do-it-yourself masks made out of cloth have the benefit of being washable and therefore are reusable.

The mask you sew will play a crucial role in managing a COVID-19 outbreak on the Aegean Islands and help protect its residents.

But #SewForSolidarity is more that a mask:

It is a symbol of Europe, where solidarity doesn’t end at its borders.

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