Sew masks for people trapped in EU´s refugee camps and help them protect themselves from COVID-19.

Step 1: Sewing

Use 100% cotton fabric and make sure the cloth is tightly woven, in a good condition and doesn’t have any holes or is worn-out and thin. (for exemple fabric used for bedsheets, sarongs/pagnes, or unwaxed non-elasticated cloth used for shirts and dresses).
Please wash your fabric on the warmest setting and dry it on high heat if possible.
Click this link and start sewing masks: How to sew a face mask NYT
PLEASE USE ONLY THIS PATTERN, so we can ensure a consistent quality and design. Also make sure to use CLOTH TIES prior to plastic ties because they are easier to wash.
You have to sew at least 5 masks to send them to us. Once you finished sewing your masks, please check them again for any irregularities and make sure they cover mouth and nose.In the end the should look similar to this:

Step 2: Getting them to the camps

The more and the faster you sew masks, the sooner they can be distributed on the ground.
We will start covering the camp on Samos. Our partners on the ground will take care of the collection and distribution of masks, once they arrive on Samos.
Please send the masks to our local address in Germany. We will then, check their quality and prepare for shipment.

Our last collective shipment took place in July, if you still want to send masks, please contact

Step 3: Promote the initiative

Share „Sew for Solidarity“ with your friends, family or strangers and on social media – for example by using this picture.
You can post a picture of your masks with the hashtag #SewForSolidarity and tell more people about what they can do to help.

We have also created a drafted template, which you can use to contact local businesses that specialize in making face masks and ask for donations.
If you have any questions, comments or ideas please write us an e-mail to

Thank you for your support ❤ stay safe!

With your help, we collected:

15.000 cloth masks

15.000 single-use masks

3.000 medical masks